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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: December 25, 2004 at 04:10 pm
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Category: Humor | General/Other | General/Other
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Willing to Play  

Willing to Play

It's something in the air today,
Things are being said,
That people just shouldn't say.
It's a people playing game,
That goes on just about,
Every single day.
You just have to decide,
If you're willing to play.
Let it roll off your ducks back,
And it'll all be ok?
Then there are those times,
When smiles are all you can find,
Everyone around you,
Is sunny and kind.
I don't ever really know,
What sort of element,
The day will show.
For I feel the same,
As I've always felt.
But it seems that day to day,
A new hand can be dealt.
So either tighten it up,
Or let it out a notch,
It's your belt-
It's your crotch!

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

December 25, 2004
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your just full of high spirited poetry...another great piece

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