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♥ ~XxX~ Ode To My Man ~xXx~ ♥

Author:   iviedoeloves
Created: October 13, 2006 at 03:56 pm
Entry Type: Poem, G (All)
Category: Love | General/Other | General/Other
Entry Stats: 4.62 Stars by 4 users with 4 comments 518 views

~XxX~ Ode To My Man ~xXx~ 
-xXx- Ode To My Man _-xXx-

So precious and plump
Is your love for me~
And to me you offer it all,
All so graciously.

So kind and merciful
Is you love for me,
And you offer it all
Oh so spontaneously.

In the middle of the stormiest plight
You are the stillness in the calm of the eye
You are in every way fine in form and fight.
You are my strongest protector and in no way shy~

And if I’m paralyzed by cold frostbite
You are there to warm me always just right
Big, bad, beautiful, and bold with your bite.
Truly a man’s man, my perfect precious humble pie.

“Whatever it takes”, well I’ve seen that you can!
You are absolute lee the definitive man.
So please don’t forget that, ‘Life is sooo rad man!’
And always remember that I am your biggest fan.

Imagine with me, us all curled up together,
For all of this is true and you are
And will be my life forever

© 2.17.06 by Iviedoe

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Comments & Reviews ( X 4)

April 29, 2012

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it is interesting
as the years pass to see you grow as a writer and expand. Isn't that cool to look back on your writes and see the change? BW44

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April 09, 2007

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Beautiful dedication towards your man...I love it

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October 15, 2006

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Beautiful poem. Excellently written, As always an honour to read your poetry. Check out my site and keep in touch.. Melonie Kydd

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October 13, 2006

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Lucky, lucky guy, Hope he knows it.

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