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A Prose by kitty

Author: kitty
Created: July 18, 2016 at 05:17 pm
Upload Type: Prose, G (All)  
Category: Love | General/Other | Free Verse
Upload Stats: 4.9 Stars by 5 users with 5 comments and 268 views


                                A PERSON

I am a person too
With eyes and ears like you.

If the need is there
A common blood we share.

You will find proof of care
 in a mother's  gentle stare >

at the loving child she bore
She will sacrifice everything and
         expect nothing more ~
than  the tender love and affection
         she placed right there.

She took that child through the tenderest
          and most significant years
watched that child mature and become the 
     person she deemed him/her to be...
               .... without tears!

Created @ 8.40AM Monday 18th July 2016

Last Modified: September 08, 2016 at 04:18 am
© kitty - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Inspired while on a journey and hearing a young mother joyfully playing with her new baby.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 5)

November 23, 2016
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A mother love never ends
I love this. My 15 year old daughter is going through so much depression and anxiety right now and all I can do is love her and be there for her. it's so hard to see her this way knowing there's not a whole lot that I can do. This piece really touched my heart.

From the age of fourteen a child will be at its most difficult in life. They are every parent's nightmare! This is where we get tested to the limit. I have been through this but we have to think of the child with compassion and love. Later on they will hate themselves for being the devil they were! Trust me. Hormones!!!!

 kitty replied on November 23, 2016

September 07, 2016
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and beautifully heartfelt..I just love your golden pen my dear! xxCaro

Good to have you back Caro! You lift me up with your lovely reviews! Thanks 

 kitty replied on September 08, 2016

August 09, 2016
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You never cease to amaze me Kitty, is this based on nostalgia or did you gel with the mother/baby couple on your journey. You are a true woman--mother---friend--and extremely good poet. Very moving and much enjoyed. Thank you. Rod.

Yes. As a lady passed me with her baby in a carry chair to her seat on the coach I immediately fell in love with the child's beautiful exposed tiny toes....(Toe fetish, you'd say!) They were my inspiration. I used to tinkle with my kids tiny toes. Odd woman eh?!Surprising what turns us into soppy creatures eh! The loveliest smell is that of a squeaky clean baby. Thanks for dropping in with a great review.

 kitty replied on August 09, 2016

August 08, 2016
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A mother's love
is like no other, it is unconditional and all giving very often for her full life time..

This has been brought home to me through recent happenings - hence the inspiration, in part, for this piece. Thank you for a lovely review, Stella

 kitty replied on August 08, 2016

July 19, 2016
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Very beautiful poem about a mother's love. I nominate this for the spotlight because of its deepness

In my travels P I saw this beautiful baby  being carried by its mom. the love in her eyes prompted me to write this piece. Thanks for reviewing it so lovingly.

 kitty replied on July 19, 2016


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