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Good Vocabulary Builds Great Essays  

An assortment of words can make your essay more intriguing. However, it is better to be precise in your arguments. A good and understandable usage of vocabulary makes your content strong. For instance, you are writing an essay about bee-keeping, here you can also use a technical word for bee-keeping that is ‘apiculture’. You can also get professionally written Customs essays rather than writing on your own but in this way, you might not be able to use good vocabulary in your write-ups. Here are few important things for you:

 Keep it Understandable

 To be precise in your writing is another thing than to use very difficult and uncommonly used words. You don’t want your reader to check the dictionary after every sentence; this would frustrate your reader. Use the word ‘indifferent’ instead of ‘insouciant’ as insouciant is not commonly used and it reflects show off in your writing. You want your reader to understand your essay, just so keep it as simple as you can.

 Transition Words 

The usage of transition words makes it easy for the reader to switch from one argument to another as it maintain a proper flow in your essay. Some examples of transition words are: 

  • Although

  • Furthermore

  • Moreover

  • However

 For further assistance you can take Essay writing help & service online UK that can provide you with more transition words to use in your essay.

 Usage of Active Voice

 It is always better to use active voice instead of passive voice to make your essay look lively. For instance: 

  • The research conducted on nuclear power has left many questions still unanswered. (Passive)

  • Nuclear energy research still has many questions to answer. (Active)

 The above is just one example to give you an idea that how you can use vocabulary in the right manner to ensure proper flow of your content. 


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Smith John is most active news blogger and freelance content writer who writing about most students life now a days and she also associated with Essaybox.co.uk where he helps students in their academy studies.

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March 24, 2016
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I really appreciate you smith that you have published a very great and helpful article that makes me easy to complete my essay work , i am sure i will complete it otherwise i hope you will help me out in this.


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March 24, 2016
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I regret to inform you that I have identified a number of glaring errors in your text,
both here and on your website.
Therefore, I would be very happy to proofread content for you if required.
I have many years of experience as an editor and writer and although I'm not cheap, because your business entirely depends on complete accuracy, I'm sure you'll agree it would be money wisely spent.
Please feel free to contact me at WN.
Best regards ~Abra

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