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A Poem by RobertRonnow

Author: RobertRonnow
Created: October 27, 2015 at 09:30 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Free Verse | Writing | General/Other
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Zach Sklar's Dream

A man and a woman are living
in a jungle. The man has lived there
all his life but the woman is new
so she's scared. The jungle is full
of snapping turtles and they are hunting some.
The man knows how to hunt them
and he kills a huge one. They drag it home
and leave it on a wooden table
in a clearing overnight. He says to the woman
Tomorrow you will clean it and cook it
in a soup. This
will accustom her to turtles
and make her less afraid.

The next morning they wake up.
But when they go into the clearing
the turtle is gone
and there's a trail of blood
leading into the jungle.
The woman panics with terror
but the man is no longer
concerned with that: he grabs
his weapons and follows
the blood into the forest.

© RobertRonnow - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

January 04, 2016
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I enjoyed reading the story in this, I was curious to see what would happen. I do feel though that it left off at a moment where it doesn't entirely rap everything up. I'm still wondering about what happened with the turtle and what the main point of this poem is but perhaps that's what you wanted. I did enjoy the tale though. Even though it didn't go largely into detail I could still imagine this jungle with the man, the woman and the mysterious turtle. It was a good poem.

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