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A Poem by kitty

Author: kitty
Created: August 15, 2014 at 06:02 am
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: General/Other | Emotional | Philosophy
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Pictures in the mind that will not go
Imprints of times they will surely show.

The type of lives we’ve lived >>>
the why’s and the wherefores.

Our achievements can and will reveal
the experiences gained
along life’ pathways.

The joys, the sorrows, pain and strife.
Patterns of the crazy things we did in life!

We share the triumph of accolades we’ve earned.
Times we’ve called to God For strength - we’ve learned!

People whose paths we’ve crossed
Are stored in our treasured chest:
people who have taken us through each test.

Keep them safe and do recall/recollect
The joys of soundest intellect!

Created @ 7.45 AM Friday 15th August 2014

© kitty - all rights reserved

Author Notes

A time when one reflects. The mood is pensive. The mind is clear!

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Comments & Reviews

January 01, 2016
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The joys of a photographic memory. I always have pictures in my mind that do not fade unless they are replaced with others only I have no control over it. I guess that it is all part of the fun though. "Along life’ pathways"?? Am sure you meant to say "along life’s pathways". Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

I wish this thing would register response. Got a feeling I've responded twice but here goes. I am glad you spotted this error so I won't have to go back too far to make corrections. Thank you for spotting this typo!

 kitty replied on January 02, 2016

August 15, 2014
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I love this! very creative!! so true and pure!! amazeing job my friend. keep writing

Thanks for this kind review! Good to see you around.Thanks too for the encouraging remark.... OOps! and the stars.

 kitty replied on August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
One of the most constructive and inspirational pieces I have ever read. We all would do well to heed and possibly reconstruct!

Thank you my dear friend for a morale booster of a feedback. much obliged!
Stars are good. Have a nice day/Night!

 kitty replied on August 15, 2014


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