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A Poem by kitty

Author: kitty
Created: August 02, 2014 at 03:24 am
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Philosophy | Emotional | Inspirational
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Victory is mine, with my Lord by my side
My faith in Him: He will always abide.

He dwells in my heart which exudes much love
Knowing He watches from above.

My victory comes in the things that I do
For my brothers, my sisters and even for you.

The stars up above are witnesses of His love
For faltering humans, they shine from above.

He rains down his blessings to nourish the earth
Plants bow gladly to welcome new birth!

The sunshine will rise up with gladness for some
Let love reign on earth ~ let Victory be won!

A sense of elation as transition appear
Positive impact that warrants a tear!

Victory is gained in all walks of life
Much jubilation over pain and strife.

Let echoes be carried way up to the sky
A glorious legacy to last till we die!

Created @ 7.30AM 2nd August 2014

© kitty - all rights reserved

Author Notes

My inspiration came in watching the Commonwealth Games on television.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

January 14, 2016
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While it is easy to give credit for a win to a deity or someone else in my mind that it taking credit away from the (hopefully clean) athlete/competitor who beat his/her opponents and won the contest. Many of the athletes train hard every day for hours on end to get to the competition and win. I am not trying to ruin your piece I am just seeing it from an agnostic's point of view. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Just  the sharing  of my own personal explanation on feelings of 'victory'. The joy I feel in my heart to know that spiritually there is someone, somewhere : that i can give thanks to for some of the unexplainable but believable 'happenings' in my own life. I am not trying to 'convert' anyone to my faith/doctrine but to express in simple words what works for me. I expect 'non believers' will offer much critique but everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as they do not ram it down your throat, don't you agree?! Thank you for sharing yours and thanks for everything you have so generously shared, my friend.

 kitty replied on January 14, 2016

I never accused you of anything like that. Everyone is entitled to a religious belief and I respect that.

 Profanisaurus replied on January 14, 2016

You are one of the few that understands me and respects my views. I am not a 'bible basher' but I live by certain values though I don't follow all the rules to a 'T' I am my own person and will be answerable on my own accord...being culpable for my own sins/mistakes. Namaste!.   Big hug!                           

 kitty replied on January 15, 2016

August 02, 2014
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This is sheer beauty in verse Kitty. I have this opinion that God is also Mother Nature and we can take our pick of who we will believe in most. I think that Nature wins as all she does is for our benefit, the Lord on the other hand seems to allow wars, bombings, destruction and continual challenging of different religions. Whoops, reign it in Rod. Loved it Kitty. SL Rod.

Came on specifically to respond to this lovely and generous feedback. Realism strikes! Politics and religion should never be discussed - openly (in my books) Creates problems!

 kitty replied on August 02, 2014

August 02, 2014
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Inspirational and very true. Well written and uplifting, a nice piece - enjoyed it a lot good work.

And the report on the games still goes on with 'Gold' for many. Victory has surely been won for many countries. Let the games go on!!!
Thank you for a kind comment.

 kitty replied on August 02, 2014


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