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A Prose by kitty

Author: kitty
Created: April 08, 2014 at 08:32 am
Upload Type: Prose, G (All)  
Category: Opinion | Action | Free Verse
Upload Stats: 5 Stars by 2 users with 2 comments and 358 views



Comfy in that old rocking chair?
Where's the adventure, where's the dare?

Others of worn and tender age
Have took the challenges that graced this page.

Has your get up and go left you behind?
So much more to life you will find!

Life may be rough, life may be tough
Don those old running shoes you put away
Minds gathers dust if stored I say.

In that old rocker, you may be content
reflecting on times gone by that were lent.

Where's the spirit in you?
So much more for you to do!

Proof is there to see
You can be as young or as old as you wish to be!

Park you that old rocking chair
You'll find more of life awaiting you out there!

Created @ 6.00AM on Tuesday 8th April 2014

© kitty - all rights reserved

Author Notes

For our older more resigned readers. Enjoy!

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Comments & Reviews ( X 1)

December 02, 2014
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I like it! everyone should get out and do more stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting with gifts and a lovely review. My job at one stage in my life was to motivate our elders. They thoroughly enjoyed my sessions...The groups/clubs are still going strong>>>  

 kitty replied on December 03, 2014

April 08, 2014
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Words of wisdom. No rocking chair here. Love a swing at the park with the grand kids
Good read. Dona

I loved (note past tense) to kick the odd football with the boys but the 'Rocker' came out. lol. now I am on the road again - thanks to 'Friends' on this site! Gone on to writing a short story.LOVE ME FOR A REASON. On page 8. Thanks Dona for reminding me I used to love going to the very highest on the swings.

 kitty replied on April 08, 2014


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