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A Poem by Caroline

Author: Caroline
Created: April 26, 2012 at 03:44 am
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Fantasy | Mythology | Children's
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Purple Pixie Ring (Amelia's fairies)  

Deep in the wood
in a quaint mushroom house,
there lives a purple pixie named Alice.

She is enchanting, with gold eyes and raven locks.
Her mushroom is covered with orchids and pink phlox.

From her whimsical cottage hang periwinkle bluebells.
The winding foot path is made of pastel sea shells.

Alice is sassy. A mischievous sprite.
She flies with the owls and fireflies every night.

Her wings are quite striking ,a bright scarlet red.
A purple sparkling halo dances 'round her head.

After midnight, way deep amongst the trees,
Alice and other sprites form a magic pixie ring.

They sing and they chant and say incantations.
They flutter 'round their ring, giggling with elation.

The reason they chortle, is that a death spell has been cast
on that wretched ugly gnome, Boris Thornythistlegrass.

The pixies will celebrate on the very next twilight.
Thornythistlegrass is dead at last!
A perfect reason for a sprite's delight.

Alice and friends will hold hands in their pixie ring.
Sing gleeful songs, their tiny voices tinkling.

Then they'll form a line, and have a pixie dust parade.
The sky will light up in violet-red and lilac shades.

The mystical day that the pixies will celebrate.

Last Modified: April 26, 2012 at 03:49 am
© Caroline - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This is from my fairy collection that I wrote a while back. I wrote this for my daughter. I just had to give it a second look. It's fun and cheery methinks..BW

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Comments & Reviews ( X 4)

November 03, 2013
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I so enjoyed meeting
Alice and reading this quaint little story. Kimberly would have really enjoyed it as well. She puts out strawberries for the fairy's to eat. According to her, strawberries are their favorite treat,,LOL.. She is 36 and absolutely convinced that fairies do exist. Who am I to tell her differently.. I will have to try the rest of your series. Hugs to you. I am sure your daughter loved this and if she didn't I did. Take good care. Lesa

Thank you so much dear friend and I love
The idea of feeding fairies strawberries is
awesome!! Ty again caroline

 Caroline replied on November 03, 2013

April 26, 2012
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Cute,sweet and whimsical. Great write my friend.

There are no comments on this review.

April 26, 2012
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Great write
I have three beautiful grand daughters who will love this and surely they will hear it yet another string to your bow good write BW. Might just change every in forth stanza for (at) kinda flows a little better lol KS

Thank you hun!

 Caroline replied on April 26, 2012


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