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A Poem by Drunn

Author: Drunn
Created: April 06, 2012 at 06:26 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Sad | Dark | Weird
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To me, To you, To anyone  

There he is
Still sleeps in his own vomit
Far from glory, honor and being freed
Just enough energy to
Cry, bleed, plead

There she is
Still in the shower
Bearing the self image of a flower
Afraid of what she might see at the mirror
Ugliness, unfaithfulness, regret

There I am
Bearing the scars of life
Nothing more than what you can see
No less than whom you might be
Judgmental, punitive, crazy

There you are
Still watching where there is nothing to see

© Drunn - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Our roles. May be they are not the things that we should do. But they are the things that we would do.

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Comments & Reviews

April 08, 2012
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Upon the second reading of this I really liked it! This is my interpretation: narrator is a man who has been betrayed by his girlfriend and feels bitterness towards her because of it. This animosity becomes a detriment to his life to the point that he feels empty. Is that it?

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April 06, 2012
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This piece is psychological,based. It makes the reader re-examine the way they think. Thank u for sharing.

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