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A Poem by OCeallaigh

Author: OCeallaigh
Created: February 16, 2012 at 07:42 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Society | General/Other | General/Other
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On the run  

I see that this fog is lifting
Allowing in the sunís first ray
A clearer view from where Iím standing
A hard eyed look down at this decay
Enough time for a few whispered curses
And anything else I may have to say

In the distance, bright colors are fading
There is nothing down there I lack
Far below the hounds are howling
Once again they will be on my track
Hackneyed, it's malevolence disgusts me
Baying hounds are forever at my back

Unfettered, indomitable, forever on the run
The discomfort often felt in being free
Cresting ridges and following the sun
In leaving this fell future far behind me
Malignant, this fell evil is spreading
Almost as far as my old eyes can see

Far below the shadows are deepening
The obedient faithful held under duress
Families and friends, fearfully fast fleeing
Itís infectious, shredding sharp talon caress
Forever roaming over wooded mountains
Incorruptible souls it shall never possess

© OCeallaigh - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

February 17, 2012
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i like it.
i like the use of the 50 lawyer words. way to go.

There are no comments on this review.


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