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A Article by autum

Author: autum
Created: February 09, 2012 at 08:06 am
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Category: Mythology | History | War
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the iiliad: a master's battle.  

the iliad is the story of achilles, and the solemn war of two nations for the daughter of zeus many would say its pinnacle was of the seemingly unneeded compassion for the trojans, for what were they but ungrateful guests of the noble hellenics? breaking not only customs but oaths sworn by the gods, yet indeed it was by the gods that they themselves were shamed, and the kings of troy as well, for none but grey-eyed athena commanded young teucer to string his bow upon meneleaus, so we see the situationally innocent blamed and punished for the transgressions none see but the poet who recites a story of broken customs by custom, for indeed the siege of troy was a story long before homer's time; infact it was a story before its time as the ancient kings and pious priests of greece sat in their glorious halls yearning for yet more glory, though unlike the "war-loving acheans", as they most likely conspired the creation of beautiful helen for their soldiers to set siege upon the rich city with their hard spears each man fighting valiantly for um... but indeed this is the compassion of which i speak in homer's iliad the care, and detail of many lowly soldiers greek or otherwise, he crafts their life upon death with the great depth of his skill, and a heart not known to many of the time, but you ask how may the poet know men of such a time? that is a question that only a citizen of the ancient world before homer, or perhaps a much later period than homer's, would need to ask, for unless he spoke with the descendants of these lowly men to busy tending to the vine to pass on the story of their fathers, unknown, then i fathom it was the poets invention unique of the countless renditions, yet as i said the story was a custom, a holy classic, and i suspect it was homer's goal to imbue the work with a compassion for all who fought, yet not diverting from the "truth" after all who is to say these men did not fall why you'd be folly to suppose not, as also the care to patroclus companion of achilles, gentlest among men, though it is not likely he was an invention of homer, but possibly the trojan women mourning for his loss as with man-killing hector who may refute his parting with andromache? or simply see the kind words of homer's iliad, the iliad, for all, deep in combat with the unforgiving sword of the achean's slandorous tongue with pity unheard of, and that is the greatest battle of them all.

"the iliad: a master's battle" copyright 2011 autum worcester.


Last Modified: February 11, 2012 at 04:23 am
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September 07, 2012
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This is a very interesting article about a famous poem. I haven't read THE ILIAD yet, but I will now. What I like best about your essay is that it uses a variation of your "tradmark repetition of words", not quite the same as in your poems, but anyone reading the essay would immediately know it is your work. In this form, one sentence and thought, leads into the next, to finally make what I think is your point. Whether Homer made the story up or not, it is still "true" in the largest sense, and all the soldiers, no matter which side they fought on, deserve to have their lives immortalized in the poem. Good work! Ignore IAmNoPoet's comments. He seriously needs to concentrate on his own writing so he won't have time to criticize other writers!
Your writing friend,
Mary Hazel

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February 09, 2012
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rubbish you
You joined today? You are trying to piss people off. You are extremely condescending. Chill out. Lose the attitude. Be nice. Or fuck off! Many choices! Choose one. IANP

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