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A Poem by OCeallaigh

Author: OCeallaigh
Created: February 07, 2012 at 07:02 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Weird | General/Other | General/Other
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Sit far away and talk loud

Time spent awaiting spring
Longer days and shorter nights
Of campfires and blissful sense
Surrounded by undergrowth and dark boles
Why am I writing, I will never know
While winter days pass none too slow
Poems of new spring growth and chirping birds
Pen lifted and pausing for more better words

Long and dark cold winter nights
Rising early before the sunrise
Later the frost reflects dim sunlight
Crows cawing their morning greetings
Welcoming this day in the same old way
Mules and wild asses, I hear them bray
From forest and field to urban sprawl
The long drive to work being part of it all

Then there is the time spent here
Words painting images in my mind
Souls conversing with each other from afar
Towers rising high, defying false gods
Looking closely, my old eyes can see
What is coiled around this upas tree
Beautiful markings and pleasant hues
Ever tempting in itís seductive ruse

Although I do not believe what it says
My actions seem like that of a foolís
Poke it not with a stick too many times
Still having a good bit of spring in itís bite
Why do you call me, I want to know ?
Have you not other prey to bag and places to go ?
I have the warm days and cool breezy nights
Fondly far away from the harsh city lights

Aside from this, I shall still talk to you
Words even you will find hard to swallow
Between two very old feuding souls
All the young ones swayed either way
Of your intentions, I will not ask why
Finding no goodness even when I try
Of my free will, I shall sit here and talk
Always having the option to rise and walk

I shall never lay with you
Or under those dark twisted boughs
Shade so dark, only your eyes can see
I will sit far away and talk loud this time
No need for painted eyes and silken lace
Come out of the shadows, show your true face
And to my surprise I see you already are
I have no soft words to be spoken from afar

Now from these fair trees I shall speak
Of the good nature some wish to destroy
Spring nights in the dark mountain forest
Mating calls, songs and intimate courtship rituals
Why do you want to kill that in us ?
Abashed by the truth, you raise a fuss
Evil out to mar all things that are good
Come slithering into my camp in the wood

Death as swift as a cobra strike
Fell fangs dripping dread in your smile
My arm is as quick as summer lightning
Fine steel sharp enough to cut through scales
Paused in uneasy truce, no sweet surrender
Two old souls both having nothing to render
Before the deadly rush to make an end -
To whom your last regards should I send ?

Good friends I shall always welcome in
To sit happily by the fire for awhile
Just having shooed away another viper
All part of the short lives we have to live
Quell the evil that churns inside us all
Or feel sharp fangs, stumble and fall
Good and evil, forever do these words collide
Upon unknown outcomes our hopes shall ride

© OCeallaigh - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 1)

February 07, 2012
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Death as swift as a cobra strike
love your ways with words, another find piece you have here...some wonder images, which put the viewer mind in motion. orginality, natural , tone and attitude as the poem
goes along..

i love to see within a write.

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