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A Poem by Lovelyxox

Author: Lovelyxox
Created: December 08, 2011 at 05:32 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Love | Romance | General/Other
Upload Stats: 5 Stars by 3 users with 3 comments and 540 views

Run With You  

I would run with you there
to the place we spoke of
dreamed of being together
away from it all
in love

Run to be
Free to write the love songs
etched within our hearts
Free to sing the melody
pouring from our souls
Lovers melting together
soaking up the delicious
wonder of each other
searing hot flesh
warm yearning caresses
sliding upon damp hot skin
glances so full of love
and emotion
meant just for us
known, understood
only by our hearts
dancing in unison
free and happy
in this place
I would run with you

Last Modified: December 09, 2011 at 04:25 am
© Lovelyxox - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

September 19, 2012
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i really liked the line "glances so full of love". i often write about a glance, or a kiss, or a moment. here's to running toward love. thank you

My dear Zekezat, how in the world did I miss your review? I am so sorry.
Thank you for reading this and commenting.  Yes, here's to running toward love...

I hope you are well.

 Lovelyxox replied on December 10, 2014

December 09, 2011
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Run with me sometime.

Thank you Monta14... running sounds real good right about now....


 Lovelyxox replied on December 14, 2011

December 09, 2011
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this is a glorious romantic write very lyrical spotlight

you are so very kind my dear lalipenz...

hugs and thanks....xox.....lovely

 Lovelyxox replied on December 09, 2011

u r welcome

 lalipenz replied on December 09, 2011


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