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A Short Story by sgtjake95

Author: sgtjake95
Created: August 13, 2011 at 12:49 am
Upload Type: Short Story, A (18+)  
Category: Horror | Dark | Erotica
Upload Stats: 1 comments and 530 views

Deadly Night

He was walking on the dark and rocky sidewalk in the middle of the night (12:32 AM to be exact). He was coming from his twelve hour shift at McDonald's. His job was shit, his one bedroom apartment was shit, his pay was shit, he looked and felt like shit. His shitty name was Rich...Rich Crews. Rich is not a very lucky person when it comes to his job. He got punched by a customer because he accidentally gave him the wrong change back....even though it was only thirty-eight cents. The cool winds of the night made it all worth it though. Stuck in that god awful smelling building all day long isn't good for a man.

As the last bit of greasy french fry sweat dripped off his slowly cooling white face he heard a high pitched scream coming from the woods to the left. Rich couldn't see anything of course, it's too dark. He stopped for a second to see if he can look through the trees, but gave up and kept walking. Not even five minutes he was walking until that fearful scream can back, words followed it, words that echoed through the air and into Rich's ears. “Help me! Someone help! He's going to kill me!” the female voice screamed. Rich's curiosity took over and pushed through the bushes. As the screams got louder Rich grabbed his knife from his black pants and flipped the blade out.

What he saw made his eyes bulge, his face pale and his lip quiver in fear. He dropped his knife and started sweating again. His veins instantaneously filled with fear and fright. He stared at what was happening right in front of him: a beautiful blond woman was lying on her hands and knees completely nude. Struggling and squirming to get away from the large hairy claws holding her waist. The arms following the claws were just as hairy. It's chest was thick, and just as hairy as its arms. The beast had large pointy ears sticking out of its mane-like fur, reddish, brownish fangs stuck out of its snout slowly dripping a combination of blood and drool onto her arched back. It's eyes were red, bright red, bright blood red.

The thing growled and bent over the girl thrusting himself in and out of her. It slowly brought his right claw up to her shoulder, and as the moonlight crept over the dark and dead trees the beast pierced the woman's right shoulder with it's large sharp claws. She screamed out in pain as a river of blood slowly ran down her chest and trickled off her nipple, creating a pool under her. The thrusting got faster and faster as the black haired fiend wouldn't stop. He removed his claw from her shoulder, blood poured out of her shoulder faster. The sight of Rich caught her eye, she stared at him and begged for help. He didn't do anything, he stared at her then stared at the monster who had got his head closer to her neck, breathing on her. He got faster and harder. “Please!!” She screamed. “HELP ME!!” He stood there in shock watching her get rapped. The beast reached his arm over her shoulder and to her belly. He howled and lifted up. When he lifted he scrapped his claw up her stomach and breasts, stopping at her neck.

Rich stared hard, to scared to move, too scared too think. The thing stood tall, seven or eight feet. It had rough fur all over its body, it's feet were just as clawed as it's hands were. Blood dripped off it's groin from the girl. The thing stared back at Rich and growled. He just stood there in his shivering skin watching the beast stare back at him. The moonlight shifted away, creating a patch of darkness. The creature grabbed the dead girl's left arm and ripped it off. He started slowly eating it, not taking his eyes off Rich.

“What...what are you?” Rich said. The thing stood, it's snout closed in, it's legs shortened, its claws turned to hands, and eventually he looked human. His short black hair blew through the nights wind as he stood there with blood still on his groin and now all over his mouth and jaw. “I...” He said softly as his eyes reflected off the moonlight. “ death.” Rich picked up his knife. The naked man sat and laughed as he continued to munch on the arm. “You think you can fight me? I've killed more people then you've seen. We've been around since the 1800's killing your kind off; you think you can kill me with a knife? Ha!” He continued to laugh as he feasted. “She certainly tastes better then she fucks...they're always squeamish the first time though; it's better when they're dead.” He started to bite off the index finger of the body.

Rich ran at him and stabbed the squatting body in the shoulder. He turned his head slowly with a smile on his face. He opened his mouth and licked his lips, blood dripped from his tongue. Rich took a few steps back, stunned that it didn't seem to hurt him at all. He turned and ran away from the cannibalistic beast. After ten seconds of running he herd a howl from behind as he wished as he was able to run faster.

The snarling and growling behind him got louder and louder. The next thing Rich knew was that there was a very heavy weight on his back and he was face first in a pile of dirt and leaves. It growled and sniffed him. The weight suddenly got a little lighter. “I don't want to kill you so easily like that, I want to see it with my own eyes.” As Rich tried to get up he slammed its foot on his back. “Ah!” Rich screamed out in pain. He chuckled and kicked him in his side, flipping him. He bent down and grabbed a some-what medium sized rock.

He mounted Rich on his stomach and smashed the rock on his face. The crunching noise from his nose echoed through the trees. “No! Please! Let me go!” Rich yelled. He bashed the rock a few times on his head. He screamed, coughed, and choked on his own blood. He tossed the rock out fifteen or so feet and grabbed a larger rock to his side. He lifted it high with both hands. “” Rich said weakly. The man let out a slow and long smile, blood dripping from his jaw. “Yes.” He let both arms down as fast as he can; crushing Rich's skull completely. - The End

© sgtjake95 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

I hope you loved reading it for I enjoyed writing. Join the fanclub to keep me posting

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August 13, 2011
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it is betterto go through life with 1 arm if your arm is causing you to sin, then to burn in hell with 2 arms

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