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A Poem by MusicMyLife

Author: MusicMyLife
Created: April 02, 2011 at 12:35 pm
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Her Hands Are Like Snakes...  

Heartless she is,
Honourable I try to be,
In a world,
So obsessed with war.

The everlasting,
Taste of defeat,
Lingers In my mouth,
I try to wash it away.

Her hands,
Are like snakes,
Waiting to,

She seethes,
I bark,
The dog,
And the snake,

I come out,
The battle,
With scars,
That Iíll have,
For life.

My memories,
With her,
Are embedded,
In my mind.

She used,
To be,
The star,
In my eye.

Now she is a,
A grenade,
Waiting to explode,
She has changed,
And so have I.

© MusicMyLife - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 1)

April 02, 2011
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Love it!
Awe, a relationship gone bad!!! I just came out of one of those! This is a very descriptive, and super creative write! I love this. The ending couldn't have been more perfect (she has changed and so have I.) Thank you so much for this awesome read!
Much Love-

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April 02, 2011
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I sense heartbreak, by one certain person. Or a lot of relationship failures. Whatever it is I can tell it is real because honestly I feel the heart in this. Wow I've read a lot of what you have written and I love it. Keep writing you have a beautiful talent.

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