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A Poem by ThunderStorm

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: March 18, 2011 at 06:18 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Fantasy | Love | Fanfiction
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Fusion poem 3  

as the storms clouds are brewing in the phoenix is rising from, the ashes a new era has upon surfing on the biggest wave.

Hear Me I am a Storm full of Rain,Thunder sound like a WarDrum, I see the light of the angelís light, they play the beautiful music

It is quite peaceful for my stormy; love is beyond an imagination never seen. Love reminds me of an art, form casting a shadow into the valley of the world

The very eye of thunderstorm, is very loyalty and very true, a moonlit night, I danced with a beautiful girl in my dreams.

My heart burns brightly with the tributes I crafty written by fame and fortune to see the light and life. Sleeping in a volcano Waiting to be hatch you cried in happiness.

I didnít earn my flames yet but once don't Quit dreams because others have them hope was meant to be unmending beacuse You're alaways free to choose body soul heart and mind these were made for you to use even your dreams you never the adventure begin in the first step so many things to see and learn it might be hard don't give up yet.

Experince is something you find and earn life is a road its best to share, wish I could tell you what's up ahead never let go of friends that care I hope to meet you at the end of the tunnel.
I will be waiting for you in my arms, looking at my scrapbook passing down to generation from detrmined as reunited as one lonely family reaching the end of your rope.

© ThunderStorm - all rights reserved

Author Notes

A another Fusion poem

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

March 18, 2011
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i like it
heav1234 kind of said it all. sorry i dont have much to add to it. But it would be nice if you checked out some of my work( I would start with UNLEASHED) It would be nice to have a fan like got some good insight

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March 18, 2011
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Heck yes another Fusion poem woahhh. I love this Thunderman, i like the second sentece well the second paragraph part and the 5th paragraph part. It was awesome. And some good advice in there i shall say to. Thanks for sharing.

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