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♥ lost more ♥

Author:   iviedoeloves
Created: December 26, 2010 at 02:54 am
Entry Type: Poem, G (All)
Category: Love | Sad | Personal
Entry Stats: 4.75 Stars by 2 users with 3 comments 192 views

lost more 
lost more

i dont know where to start.
never been an end
i often beg God to please
stop this pain. sorrow
consuming and unforgiving.
i've been to this point before.
i'm holding on to nothing.
thats a new flavor to demise
untethered and slinging all over
i'm just very small and loveable.
but that cant be true.
do poeple hate the true?
because it is true. please!
you know who you are,
i dont have a clue.
if i was dead in the morning
would it sorrow you?

iviedoe 2010

Author Notes
its to that point


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Comments & Reviews ( X 1)

April 29, 2012

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I am going through some similar stuff now and this spoke to me, BW44

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December 26, 2010

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this feeling never truly the brim it just spills.....a good one.....

December 26, 2010
i think you have change the font color for the words are invisible.....

December 26, 2010

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Nothing to say.
So I won't.

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