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A Poem by MagicMJ

Author: MagicMJ
Created: November 09, 2010 at 09:29 am
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2 hours to go  

It is dawning to me again
A dejavu of the same feeling
As I watch the clock ticks
My heart begins to feel frantic

I don't know why it's happening
It seems I can't control this thing
This feeling is gnawing me
Eating my senses, giving me panic

2 hours to go, I know I'm wrong
This is such a useless fear
Just anxiety, I shouldn't give in
Make me feel that he's coming

Don't be a fool, don't be lonely
But why do tears want to drip
My heart starts aching
Gosh I feel it got kicked

2 hours to go, we would be talking
2 hours to go, I would be smiling
2 hours to go, He would be thrilled
2 hours to go, Love would be everything

I know these will be happening
Because I do trust him...

Just 2 hours to go... Registered & Protected

© MagicMJ - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 5)

November 09, 2010
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Did I missed this poem earlier? Forgive me since its really a wonderful poem to read. Nice and different thought. Great job. Keep writing.

lol.. thanks a lot

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

November 09, 2010
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an amazingly good write! keep up the great work!:0)cc

aww... many thanks always for the kind words...

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

November 09, 2010
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Wow, with Anticipation!
Good Luck, MJ......whatever it is, it will prevail if you think it was well worth it!

hahaha... that's all i can say...


 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

November 09, 2010
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The thrill of the waiting game and the thrill of the chase from the other side looking in on your side. Love of the game and the fury of the chase leaves one to wonder/wander about in love and whatever may happen,let it happen- whatever will be; will be. I LOVE this poem I am going to join the fanclub RIGHT NOW! Alan

wow... thanks a lot for the kind words... much appreciated

and thanks a biggie for joining my fan club

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

November 09, 2010
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I love how the emotions in this peice draws the reader in. Very well done and well maintained.

Imagery was fabulous in this piece.

It was a great write, and the content very origional
Keep up the great work MJ!

thanks a biggie

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010


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