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A Poem by MagicMJ

Author: MagicMJ
Created: November 01, 2010 at 08:24 am
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Romance | Love | General/Other
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Is it Destiny that brought us here
In this moment where our hearts meet
Though distance is between us
We are like two souls bound by time

Your touch I feel in the soft breeze of the wind
My soft kiss carried by the ocean mist
The sun brings the warmth of our love
And the moon lays us into our sweet dreams

Would this passion last forever
Until the time we forever close our eyelids
Would this love cross miles and oceans
For us to feel the heat of each other's touch

Would you take my heart by your hands
And keep it forever safe beside your heart
Would you see me beyond those loving eyes
Like your soul staring deep within mine

Is it destiny that brought us here
In this moment where we can see
The hands of fate sealing our dreams
Where you and I whisper eternal love

Last Modified: November 02, 2010 at 04:54 pm
© MagicMJ - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

November 09, 2010
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Elegantly Romantic!
Yes, I have always believe in Destiny. Love only happens to those who are lucky to understand and truly appreciate what they have in life. If they don't love themselves, they cannot love anyone else.

Thanks a lot Ben

 MagicMJ replied on November 10, 2010

November 09, 2010
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I very much enjoyed this piece! I Enjoyed the style, backed by the questions.

I very much enjoyed this,

"The sun brings the warmth of our love
And the moon lays us into our sweet dreams"

This brought a smile to myself as I felt that I was you.. in your moment when you wrote that line. I felt an overforth feeling of joy that left me warm and content.

You have a beautiful style to your writing, and I look forwarding to reading more.

I always love positive writings, and this is a great example of that.

Thanks a lot kd

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

November 02, 2010
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That is very smooth and very well penned. I enjoyed the uplifting positive nature of this piece on love. It had muted emotions which work very well in a piece of wonderign about love and a new relationship but it is the last stanza where wondering becomes truth that really sets this one apart for me. Very nice work. D

Thanks a lot Dominick your words always inspire me to write more

 MagicMJ replied on November 02, 2010

November 01, 2010
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In this moment where are hearts meet - I think this should be,,In this moment where our hearts meet

Anyway, I love it MJ. The character professes her love for her partner so tenderly and vividly and I love that she has all these questions to seek proof if this love is indeed real. I also like that it doesn't rhyme.. I'm not talented in that type of structure but I love the message of this piece. Great Job

hahaha... oo stephen our... lol...

 MagicMJ replied on November 01, 2010


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