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A Series by ThunderStorm

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: August 14, 2010 at 12:42 pm
Upload Type: Series, G (All)  
Category: Romance | Love | Spiritual
Upload Stats: 4.3 Stars by 5 users with 5 comments and 868 views

Chapter 1 the Love Castle  

Chapter 1.
The love castle

In a distant kingdom there was a prince, who quite fond of hearts but he seems so sad. He wished for to see a beautiful maiden, to see this beautiful maiden he has to dreamed about it so he starting to dream he close his sweet prince eyes. So the next morning he woke up then he saw the maiden in his dreams she had bright green eyes and the beautiful brown hair. He saw his dream came true the maiden told the prince my name is Charlotte he said sweet name for sweet smell of roses. She said thank you she asked the prince what is your name my name is Jake and I was dreaming about you last night. Even the maiden was dreaming about Jake she said the prince was very handsome shy so she love the prince so much she changed the castle to the Love Castle the prince just happily agreed so over the next month the castle was painted Red and Pink with beautiful Hearts. It was the coolest castle I ever seen in my lifetime even Charlotte was so amazed too so they love each other then the very next night the prince went out to buy a heart shaped ring with a ruby stone inside. The prince hide it from the maiden he dreamed about so much so he hid inside a picture frame so the prince was having his breakfast with the maiden. She asked the prince what kind of plans you got for today he told her I have to run some errands today but tonight we going have the romantic dinner when the sun goes down for the evening.

© ThunderStorm - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 3)

August 17, 2010
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Hi Thunder
Chapter one is off to a big start, very sweet start. Looking forward to reading the next chapter in the Love Castle. Good work brother.


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August 15, 2010
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So sweet and so romantic, you made it almost real babe , it has all the beginnings of a true love story , very sweet and so beautiful my dear one. can't wait till your next chapter Iknow
it will be as good and I am wondering what is going to happen ,good job babe. lov from poetic mom here

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August 15, 2010
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Don't you just love it - when two dreams come together and brings a smile on both their faces.
A good start - keep up the good work.

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August 14, 2010
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its a nice love story. very dreamy like. it needs a little editing here and there though but a good idea non the less

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August 14, 2010
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Touching story of a man and woman who love each other, and are looking for their Castle of Love. They pledge their hearts to each other for eternity. The Castle is very Romantic and will embrace their love and romance for the rest of their lives. They will share many happy days there, in their "Love Castle."

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