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A Poem by ThunderStorm

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: August 08, 2010 at 09:55 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Tribute | Tribute | Tribute
Upload Stats: 4.37 Stars by 8 users with 9 comments and 421 views

A tribute to King of tributes  




The king of tributes is the greatest honor, for me I give the honor to Pacific Lion.

To give me the new nickname I must say though the king of tributes sounds a fitting title.

It is my great honor to welcome king of tributes to my hall of tributes.

Last Modified: August 14, 2010 at 12:55 pm
© ThunderStorm - all rights reserved

Author Notes

To me

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Comments & Reviews ( X 12)

August 15, 2010
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You ARE the
King of Tributes! Your work is colourful and brings a smile to many on this site. Your work is not appreciated by everyone, but only by those who understand your history on this site and understand what a great guy you are.

Keep up the good work on this site. You bring a smile and colour to what can be at times a dull world!

Thank you


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August 14, 2010
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I don't understand you the words at the beginning are a tribute. They don't describe you or tell us why you are the king of tributes, or why you deserve this title. I say this because I haven't read you before so I don't know you write tributes.

If it also a way you say you are changing your screen name, it is a cute and sarcastically egotistic poem.


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August 14, 2010
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So I realise you, after having spent some time on this site, have a knack for tributes. This is great as you are a writer who likes encouraging others to keep writing, and i respect you for that.

However, giving colours as tributes seems a little off, especially as this tribute is to yourself. The text seems disorientated. Thanks for sharing this with us and, of course, you are the king of tributes but try and clean this up. I am not giving a rating as that would ruin your record but this is simply not a five star piece, i feel as if the comments left hear are condescending, when really we should be telling you where to improve. If I were you, for example, I would try to string the words you have represented here into a poem, which would work better!

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August 14, 2010
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The King of Tributes! Thunderstorm!! You really are worth the many smiles of WN and you are a good, kind, nice and sweet person who puts a smile on everyone here and keeps the Chatroom Alive!! Keep it up Brother!!!

-Deviant Writer-

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August 09, 2010
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YOU ARE THE KING OF TRIBUTES babe and the best at it love all of them and love this one most as its so true you are so good at them . and we love them all . thank you thunder son for all your sweet tributes

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August 09, 2010
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A King indeed!
I used to frown upon your work, but that was because I didnt understand it. Your work inspires many on this site and should be used as a check and balance by many writers to ground themselves. You are no doubt one the of the best loved members of this site. Your work is always respectful, interesting and gives others warm fuzzy feelings.

A king indeed!

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August 08, 2010
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huh? Maybe you could explain how you r the king of tributes? I am new here(or barely writen here)...
sentimental poem? inside poem? like a inside joke? maybe just above my head..idk... i think it was alot of work away from readable in the dark myself

sorry to invade but Thunder is the bestest person to know on here and everyone loves him and his tributes so be gentle and read some more of his tributes and you will see .Elf.

 elfqueena replied on August 09, 2010

August 08, 2010
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You are indeed a King Of Tributes and this is another beautiful example of why. I think your pieces are unique and bring happiness to many. Thank you for that and your upbeat presence in the chat here. Awesome,
Yours Kassie

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August 08, 2010
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you are truely the King of Tributes, you hold that title high!

Thanks KPaka_Kpizzle i do love the title it sounds very Fitting inside my poetry heart

 ThunderStorm replied on August 08, 2010


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