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A Poem by MagicMJ

Author: MagicMJ
Created: April 17, 2010 at 12:42 am
Upload Type: Poem, A (18+)  
Category: Dark | Death | Suicide
Upload Stats: 4.75 Stars by 2 users with 2 comments and 248 views

Recipe of a Cold Death  

In a pot of boiling sorrows
Place a cup of pain and angers
A tablespoon of frustrations
And a bowl of shameless tears

Dice a clove of pitiful rejections
It will spice a bit but do not fear
Strips of emptiness will do just fine
Just mix them with bits of bitterness

A pint of frozen heart
And a quart of senseless soul
Will give this special dish
A throbbing aftertaste

And when everything is in
Turn off the firing heat
Itís time to bring in
The secret spice in it

With a shining knife
Have a slice upon the wrist
Cut deep but not too much
And let the blood drip in it

Then relax
Let the dish cool a bit
Soon it will be served
Dead and cold upon thy plate

For a different taste
Secret spice may be replaced
With just a pinch of FAITH
A sweet, warm dish
Will be on the plate

© MagicMJ - all rights reserved

Author Notes

I just tried to put an inspirational message in a dark concept....
Hope this will make sense....

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Comments & Reviews ( X 1)

November 09, 2010
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what can I say?? this is an intricate and beautifully woven piece of work. !!!! I am enjoying your poetry very much!! Keep writing! :0))

many thanks

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

April 17, 2010
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Great Poem!
This is a really great write because you have included each and every aspect into this recipe of yours......It is very sad, but it is very insightful also.......The word choices that you have chosen are really good because they all add up to the recipe.....Keep the creative pen flowing.....Good Job.....Whiskurz

million thanks whiskurz...

your nice words will definitely keep my pen flowing....

 MagicMJ replied on April 17, 2010


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