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Poems of the Urban Knight Rider

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Author KeithJay
Member Since October 14, 2008 (last seen 2 years ago)
Hometown Washington DC, United States
Born Orlando Florida on July 8
Gender Male
Relationship Status Not Specified
Career/Occupation Executive Manager
My Likes Summer Breezes, A Bright Moon Light, & True Friendship by Day and by Night
My Dislikes Spirit Busters and Dead Conversations
Favorite Author Jay Wright
Favorite Book/Poem Transfigurations: Collected Poems
My Motto is Love is Life, Life is Love: What is Life without True Love!
My Favorite Quote True heroes are made from the paths they choose, not by life chooses
Above all else, I love Myself and what I have to offer this world packaged as me.
 I have been writing for 10 years & have read 515 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 18 points
 I currently have 22 entries in my Writing Portfolio
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Hello my name is Keith. I call myself the "Urban Knight Rider". Why the Urban Knight Rider? Because to me, the Urban Knight Rider represents a collection of poems written through the eyes of an Urban Life Force. An urban man who sees life through a transparent urban existence of city night lights.

Precious night lights that are so full of dreams that come to life through my words that seem to dance across many miles laced with dreams and experiences - some true and some so deep that reality and dreams find excitement in existing together with each other.

I have a spiritual disposition the connects to a higher power that filters my existence and life force. My mind and heart seek the grace, mercy and love of God! You see, the lights of the night draw attention like the candle does in the song: "This Little Light of Mine"..let it shine...let it shine...let it shine.

My poems are full of mysteries and boundaries that I dare you to take a chance to cross over and explore.

My dreams are ignited by an atmosphere of constant expressions of my unique imaginations. My imaginations are my dreams mixed with realities....yet so full of wonderful possibilities...for better days...better lives...better relationships...better purpose...and better directions. I explore these possibilities with my on unique style of "Words Exploration".

I am honored to present my poems or short stories to the 1000s of gifted poetic explorers and magnificent writers... on this poetic justice...web site! Poems are a cluster of words expressed by a person who's words ignite and excite the desire to share ones Reality and Dreams within ones mind... on an artistic canvas for the world to read, absorb, and explore.

You see, my Reality and Dreams do co-exist together through the eyes of the Urban Knight Riders world. Let my reality and Dreams meet your world and intellect through my expressions in my words.

The Urban Knight Rider's poems are designed to inspire, encourage, and ignite excitement, compassion & passion for the words...not the writer!

My poems may not be for all people. And I can appreciate the Serenity of Choices! But words are universal and they connect on many different levels. I seek to connect on levels that seek to explore boundaries within words that prick the imagination and that find harmony in reality and in dreams.

My poems can be smooth, hard, spiritual and sometimes sweet and romantic... as a summer breeze. My poems cross all the rivers of life.....engaging your interest through my style of writing and my unique ability to make the words dance in your imagination.

I believe in the freedom of expression and the flow of ones creative juices. Words are just words! Words of a poem are stories that become life and drive purpose for those who desire to read them!

Words are the door way to the heart of the soul! The passage is narrow but the road is full of wonderful nothings that can become wonderful you walk and experience the Urban Knight Rider through his poems!!

Welcome to the world of the "Urban Night Rider"


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