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Pull Up A Sit, You Had Just Enter Te'Arra's Poetry.

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Author BeautifulHotGirl
Member Since August 31, 2008 (last seen 10 months ago)
Hometown Seattle,WA, United States
Born In Oakland on March 10, 1987
Age 31 years
Gender Female
Relationship Status Married
Career/Occupation Nurse
My Likes I love writing poems, and also watching scary movies and being a funny human/comedian.
My Dislikes Negative people and big crowds.
Favorite Author Maya Angelou and Sister Souljah & many more.
Favorite Book/Poem Urban fiction books/ Poetry books
My Motto is I'm A Phenomenal Woman
My Favorite Quote Make Them Remember You. / Legalize Being Black In American
Above all else, I love The Love Of My Life Troy Jr. And my family.
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Running through my mind frequently.
Hoping your feeling the same?
Still into you, your a bad habit to break,
like a crack fin that need rehab. Do you feel it?
Are you deep to? Pulled in, like I can't get it loose man.
But I'm still in war with this powerful feeling. That takes control of my soul like a demon. I need Jesus. I love this high I'm on when you bless me with the healing. Your the reason why my blood pressure high. The way my heart beat keep rising I'm under a spell I call it love. It dance within rhythm. Do you feel it? Are you deep in to? I see your reactions And your not keeping it a secret. The way you look me in my eyes like a mirror no reflection. Not a blink your glue to me like paint. Like life you live within love ones for life. Like love that exist in you and I forever. I love you so much more. Your my habit and this poem I wrote is just for you it will live on forever.

By: Te'Arra Callandret )-(


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