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Words are Majick

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Author Caroline
Member Since October 28, 2010 (last seen 2 months ago)
Hometown The Spirit Within, United States
Born a free spirit to love him on October 14
Gender Female
Relationship Status In Love
Career/Occupation Freelance writer/ghostwriter/chumpchangemaker
My Likes love.. when it isn't hurting me or breaking me into pieces, dogs, writing, thinking, music
My Dislikes cheaters and abusers, narcisssism, denial, volleyball, spiders
Favorite Author Keith Watson
Favorite Book/Poem Imp of Ivy, Sir Willow,With Butterflies, bell jar, clenched soul
My Motto is Never say never or always
My Favorite Quote If you always tell the truth you never have to remember anything..Twain
Above all else, I love God
 I have been writing for 25 years & have read 47874 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 20 points
 I currently have 1133 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Double Diamond Reviewer with 5773 Comments
  My Review Quality is 99.93 % (based on 2997 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 37224 times and I have 228 Fans

I write from my heart and with passion..this is all I know for certain in life really..I am of the opinion that poetry is the heart: period.I am the epitome of a free spirit and I absolutely cannot stand, bars, chains, cages or walls of steel of any kind!.I feel that when I share a piece it becomes the reader's piece officially to do with it what he or she desires to. Who am I to question anyone's interpretation of anything? We interpret with our hearts do we not? I always am bothered when someone tries to make the meaning of a poem fit precisely what THEY think it means..does that make me sound like a real little snot? I hope not..but you know how some people well.. they try to set the meaning in stone with their thoughts being the mortar. ..I have never understood why a poet thinks their poems are theirs completely...I guess I write for! I know I do...I always feel they are the reader's to do with as they wish..Thanks for dropping by my page here...Also very recently I have connected with a new "soul" friend here I have a few I could never part with such as my dear friend and confidant HSG huggssss girly and San expeditus is such queen poet..but now I have a brand new connection. We have read each other but here lately I feel a new bond with her.(Lesa) I hope you don't mind my friend..but you are such a lovely person and artist I wanted to include you here. The willow is a picture she sent me that I love so I will keep it up for a while I may take it down some but I will add it here and there as a token of remembrance..I am adding to my bio right smack dab here.. I am journeying on a new type of adventure. My writing is shifting and billowing. However I will simply hang on for dear life!! Also my dear friends here have made me think as of late about the things truly worth appreciating in life and I feel perhaps sometimes I get so hung up on my own thoughts I forget my friends who have shown me such care! I hope I have never hurt anyone's feelings but if so I am deeply sorry. I have had such hurt and disappointment in my own life sometimes I get all wrapped into it and that is wrong.. I do have to believe good is to come yet! I will find my truest love..right? In fact I feel true love does most definitely exist along with leprechauns and willow queens......trees hold magic that reflect from one spirit to the other ......Love.... although rare...exists....ancient lovers from long ago perhaps can and do connect...It is my opinion they do from ancient roots, magical spirits tesselating once more...


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