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The hourglass will wait for me..

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Author bluesphynx
Member Since March 11, 2010 (last seen 7 years ago)
Hometown Pontiac, United States
Born thank God! on January 1, 2010
Age 8 years
Gender Male
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Favorite Author Margaret Mitchell
Favorite Book/Poem Gone With The Wind
My Motto is When ever you can pat yourself on the back...
My Favorite Quote "The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want..."
Above all else, I love writing poetry
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The pyramids have an eternal theme
Violated by a need for knowledge and history

What we learn is so paramount
Yet it is sad that a belief and bond are gone

What is sacred to a culture should not be touched
Yet man's quest for truth is a must

The ambivalence is essential in life and time
Keys to sanctity and respect we must find

For the spirit of man must be taken seriously
We must learn to respect the ideas of others

Even though not so bizarre...
As we gaze and wonder unto a star

For eternal life and to preserve youth
It seems to be a human truth

To be everlasting as Christ returns
As his spirit on a cross so burns

Its eternal life profounds the world
Its love is a never ending twirl

Of debate, of history and news
The spirit can give one the blues

As I am poet, one who must persue
Thoughts of life and love we knew

A beauty known as Christ's love
Resurrected from a tomb, a stone

Rolled away, on a great day
It's love is the bond we must share

In Egypt, great monuments of love
Our minds can search and fly like a dove...


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