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Hello Poets,

I am not entirely new to this site, I was here briefly before, but have been on another site for a few years. Every journey has a beginning and an end. And I am here again seeking my new beginning. I love writing, pouring out my soul, bleeding out my tears. I think you know what I mean.

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, It is a beautiful city, full of history and amazing architecture. We have an outstanding art gallery, The National Art Gallery Of Canada.

Art is another passion. I have a few!

I am single with no children, have two cats that I adore and two budgie birds that chitter all day long. I live in a heritage house made into apartments. I have a created a lovely place to live and create, it is surrounded by Maple trees, I call it "the nest". My neighbourhood is graced with parks and paths and little shops and outdoor cafes, I love the second hand books stores, oh, another passion is collecting old books.

I just love to sit at coffee shops and write (and people watch)!

So nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy my poetry.



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