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My name is Eve Lauren Chilicas. I am 28 years old. I was born In New Jersey, quite beautiful and ever green there with tall towering trees and beautiful weather. It snows, rains, and the falls, autumns, Summers and Springs are quite lovely and beautiful. I now live in the Beautiful Hill country of Texas. I moved here from the time when I was a child. I have a great patch of heritage, I am mixed with origins of Irish, German and black and I also am 15 percent indian. My grandfather Francis Murray grew up in Boston Massachussets where his family moved from Donegal Irelande to the united States, and my grandmother's family came from Germany in the late 1920's. My father's family are a mixture, of black, indian and white. Most of my family is from up north but my dad's grandfather had a farm in Mississipi. He had a mule that would plow the fields for him, he must of been 8o something years of age and he was out there with his mule, lifting and pulling and working non stop.

My greatest aspirations to the day I die will be my wriitng. I take such great passion and pride in it. I know some times I come up with different ideas but some times those ideas end up working out for me in the long run. Right now I trying my best to promote my book. I want my poetry to be read.


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