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Jeff Glovsky is a Writer, Photographer, live Sound Engineer, AV/Presentation Support specialist and a dedicated Business Partner, Consultant and Entrepreneur. He divides his time between his beloved New York City and fast-becoming geliebt Munich, Germany.

Published work and wor(d)s-in-progress include Underwear Woman Digs the Sea, a collection of (vaguely erotic) travel stories; Central Park, a "cry for help from New York City"; Doing Being, "life" on a European tour with some show ... Drain, a collection of random poetix; and Slice / Life (annoyances, episodes) - Baudelaire-inspired prose poetry from the bowels of New York and northern New Jersey

Other influences, gifts and ripoffs include Henry Miller, Charles Mingus, most of the Beats and Steely Dan and a little Bob Dylan, with Eminem in the mix.

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