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Born and raised a Canadian girl, but of Italian origin, I love my roots, I love being Italian. Italian Pride! Love to vent my feelings out on paper, you will catch most of my ramblings on this site, some personal, some not so personal. I'm the type of girl who loves "LEARNING" I make it a point to learn something new everyday, I am a very intellectual girl with high standards, I except nothing but the best. I'm obsessed with improvement - improving myself, improving others, improving the world, and everything that's wrong. I am a sweet girl, I am very kind, as well as sensitive, and I am a BIG DREAMER, always dreaming of more, and having the perfect life that I have always ling for. Writing is a passion, and you will find a piece of my dreams in every single poem, please feel free to read, and comment my works, and most of all enjoy it! Peace, and love!

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