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I am Edwin Mwintome Bozie. I was born on the 21st of February, 1993 to Mr Anthony Bozie and Mrs Dorothy Bozie. I started my primary education at St. Francis Of Assisi School in the year 1998. I began writing my first stories in the year 2003. My first story was Tinnya which was actually a fairy tale inspired by 20th Century fox's Anastasia. My next big story was the Andersons written also in 2003. I wrote the sequel of the Anderson's in 2007. I also wrote Crazy Chelsea Vs Mad Rid, a story featuring myself and classmates. It was a comedy fantasy tale also written in 2007. More of my works include Dreamweaver, Dragon Zone, Dragon Ranger, Legend Of the Magi, Legend Of The Jo-lan, Legend Of Rayaard most of which are at the present time unpublished.
I had my secondary education in St.Francis Xavier Minor Seminary in Wa and St. Mary's Boys Senior High in Apowa, Takoradi. My specialty is writing fantasy stories with a twist of romance, most of which are tragi-comedies, the closest to tragedies that I wish to get and I honestly have no wish to write tragedies. I'm presently pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in ICT at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA).


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