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From the neck down I could pass for a fit forty but alas I am a rather average victim of the ravages of worry, time and weather, they being a respector of no person. So on a good day I might look my 63 years and on another a couple or so senior to that. I work out so that I can convince myself that I'm a fit and proper golfer, and that I'll be ready and raring should a damsel wish to woo. No really, I think about that from time to time when I'm off guard. I've had a varied life and never really settled down; thus the semi trailer thing, but I do have weak roots enough to keep a small house in the city and a larger labor intensive domocile on ten acres a couple of hours away. Can't retire due to financial ineptitude, being of a poetic nature and all, but I've found a company that will tolerate working six day on, usually to Chicago and back twice a week, and then eight days off. Like to dabble in poetry so there you have it. Rory
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