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w-n poetry site   w-n poetry site

Author Biography


Nameís Tempestt born March 20th 1986 and yes am a "Pisces."

All my life Iíve been writing because writing has been an outlet for me. Since my father walk out of my life Iíve grain even more encouragement in writing as well as in music. I was thirteen when that happen graduation and birthdays are only a distant memory towards him and the same goes for me.

Now-a-days Iíve been inspire not only to keep writing by also to chase after my dreams. Currently Iíve been writing tons of poems as well as lyrics. Music has been my muse for me to escape as well as in creating the world that I live in. I have a guitar for awhile on and off practicing.

I grew up most of my life with my mother and my grand mother and my siblings. But am use to that. It's adding the fuel to the fire giving me more encouragement and strength. The four major loves in my life although I said music was the one there are others :Writing, Cooking, Art and Music without them I would just be ordinary and boring. I have a lot of things to inspire me life love and dreams hopefully one day I could make some dreams of mine happen...one day


w-n poetry site   w-n poetry site


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w-n poetry site   w-n poetry site