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I was born in Bolton, England in 1948, and educated at Oxford University, majoring in Classical Languages, (Latin and Greek), Philosophy and Psychology. I spent the first years of my working life in health care as a Nursing Home Administrator, and then as a Project Manager for a flooring sub-contractor. I have two sons... Keir (36) and Evan (32). Keir is an attorney for the US Department of Labor, and Evan is a musician, currently completing his education at a college in Clearwater FL. I also have a grandson, Khalil, who was born June 28th of this year. I am now retired. I spend my time reading and writing poetry, listening to music... mostly classical, (I love symphonies and, latterly, chamber music. My favourite composers are Schumann, Beethoven, Brahms and the Russian, Alfred Schnittke) and also jazz, (Miles Davis and John Coltrane are my favourites, among so many others.) I read a lot, outside of poetry... authors too numerous to mention, but I WILL single out the novels of Mark Helprin and Carson McCullers. But... enough about me. What's YOUR story?


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