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 I'm a mature writer who started writing in the 70's. My writing is based mainly on personal experiences or about things that evolves around life itself. I write when I'm inspired be it through the media, through my minds eyes or through friends or loved ones. It is when i feel strongly about things hence the diversity themes. Although poetry is my main concern i write short plays and also wrote in dialect. My greatest aspiration is to have my work acknowledged in Britain and maybe other countries. I say this although I shy away from publicity I would very much like to be able to read some of my pieces with the same amount of conviction as I write. I would eventually like to concentrate mainly on writing after I retire. Love makes the world go round they say. Love makes or breaks us. We need to show love if we can, when we can. It makes the difference today. Love comes in all forms and is universal but then again- so is hate - Love being the most acceptable of the two emotions. I write of love and with love. 


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