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I'm a mother of two wonderful but challenging young adults. Divorced after a 20/21 year marriage, and this is my self expression outlet. Here you will find my opinions and expressions on a variety of things, including works of complete fiction. I love to write.

I have a son and a daughter, niether who live with me. I have dual B.S. in C.I.S and B.A. w/ an emphasis in Management. I have a love for both technology and the arts, and you will usually find me writing or painting.

I am involved in a beautiful relationship with a man who I like to refer to as my Angel... because he saved me from a very dark life and showed me just how glorious love can feel - and that's a journey that he ended.

I have lived much in my life for my limited years, so don't let the age fool you, nor be fooled by a pretty face, for I have quite a wicked tongue. It is from these experiences I draw to write and for my inspirations. I hope eventually to get published, but don't we all. In the meantime, it's enough knowing someone actually enjoys the writing.


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