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Hello, my name is Benjamin Wright. I am 39 years old. And, I live in Michigan. I have lived in other states, before making my final stay here in Michigan.
I am an avid writer. Not professionally. But I do write alot. I love nothing better than to sit down and relax. Pull out a pen and paper. And, let my mind wander.

I am single and looking for a female writer. Hopefully, to spend life together. Maybe, together we could put a novel of our own. Maybe, if she is available, and would like to be with someone who shares a great interest in fictional writing. Please contact me here. All you have to do, is go to my page...and send me a private message. Or if you prefer, you can personally email me. Just email me:


I love to write short stories, mostly fiction. I also love to blog. I have various blogs on a few sites. Like Wordpress and Blogger. I mostly blog about my favorite subject: Government conspiracies. But I don't surround my life to vast conspiracies. I just do that for fun.


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