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Despite what my profile says, I have actually been writing since I could use a computer. Meaning, since I was around 5 years old. I've only been taking writing seriously since I was 12. I became depressed and angry at the world, and decided to pick up a piece of paper and pencil and just started to write. I thought I wasn't making since and I was just writing a bunch of words down. After a few days, I re-read some of the things I wrote and was surprise to realize how much sense it made.
I like to make friends, I will be your friend, but if you somehow make an enemy out of me, there's no coming back from it.

Art is my love. Anything from drawing (Which I stink at) to writing, I love art.

I hope to pursue a career in photography.

I would love to improve my writing skills, so I thrive on constructive critique! Others opinions DEFINITELY matter to me.



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