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I've been writing on and off for a while, But most of the work I consider to be good has been done with in the last five years. However, I am very critical of myself, so other may view my older work in a different light. For some of my writing, I go back and read it and think, "And what was I thining when I thought this was good?" (I tend to talk to myself alot. good thing most of it is inside my head!)

I'm horrible at writing summary's and descritptions of my own writing. Same goes for titles. If anyone has any input on better titles, please share! (I'm indesperate need of help sometimes! Just ask my family!)

My inspirations comes from different places. Books I read, other poems, movies, wtaching others around me, arguements, dreams, life in general. Not wanting to sound to cheesey or cliche here, but the world itself is inspiration. (and that did sound really cheesey. please ignore. lol.)

A lot of the poems I write are one offs. I don't go back and do a lot of editing. When I type them up I may change a few words of the style, but thats about it for the editing process on my part. Unless of course someone intervenes on my writings behalf. Unfortunately, I get very little of that around here. (Not that no one will read my stuff. But most of there comments are, "That's good." "Nice job." and frankly, you need more then that to edit.)

I'm never sure what else to say in biographies, but feel free to ask if you want to know anything else. (I might even answer creepy questions!)


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