Just say no to drugs.Genre: Modern Poetry, Freesyle Rhymes.
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Author 1josephjohn
Member Since November 20, 2009 (last seen 1 year ago)
Hometown Brockton Mass, United States
Born In Brockton Mass. on April 22, 1979
Age 39 years
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Career/Occupation Stocker / Shipper/ Receiver
My Likes Considerate people.
My Dislikes Inconsiderate people, liars.
Favorite Author Skillz
Favorite Book/Poem The one with colorful pictures.
My Motto is Stupid is as stupid does.
My Favorite Quote Just say no to drugs.
Above all else, I love Kind ,honest,upfront people.they bring the best out of me. I hate back peddling phony balonies.they bring the worst out of me.
 I have been writing for 14 years & have read 1761 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 22 points
 I currently have 19 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Coral Reviewer with 329 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 130 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 12904 times and I have 22 Fans
My first time doing this


Free Verse (also Vers Libre)
Poetry composed of either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set meter.

I am not a traditional poet, I just rhyme my thoughts with no guidelines,
I just picked up a pen and started writing.I write Frestlye Rhymes.
My rhyme schemes and meters are off.
“Who says your poem has to follow a "format" there is no rule that says poetry has to follow any particular form or another.”
"Who says poems have to have guidelines? Bukowski sure would spit on that idea."

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