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Born on April 20, 1988
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My Motto is even shit creek has its charms... open your eyes at every bend.
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Above all else, I love imagination
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Im new to the world of writing. I have always had a love for books, the places you are taken with each page turned. The adventure, insight and retreat from reality they promise.
Books are something that stay with you forever... a form of stability in a crazy life. The characters and the lessons will always be there to know and learn. They are a small comfort, all of which leave something with you. Some jerk a tear, some leave you with a glint of happiness in your eye and the perk of hope, and then there are the great ones. The ones that leave you feeling choked and full, the ones you know have stained your soul and you will carry forever.

Im not here to be the best, or to make it to the limelight. Im simply here to express myself. In my profile you will find thoughts and ideas, opinions and stories. I have only been putting pen to paper for the last year and hope to persue this personal intrest by studying creative writing. The aim of it all only being that I have something that resembles a book that I can leave behind for future family. We all hear about our long lost relatives.. but do we ever really get the chance to know who they were? or how they lived? what their hopes and dreams were? or simply what mischief they followed their nose into?! =)

Instead of leaving behind a photo or a trinket with a finger print, I'd like to leave behind a book with my story.

Im merely using this site to practise.. to vent..
To obtain useful reviews and learn from others.

Gotta start somewhere right, and this is my doodle pad!

If your reading... Hate it or Love it.. let me know.

TAKE IT EASY, louise x
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