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Author: Sai Poet ✍....Book: Legacy Untitled

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Author simon
Member Since July 15, 2005 (last seen 1 month ago)
Hometown atlanta, United States
Born naked on January 1
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Career/Occupation Author. Song Writer. Artist. Script Writer. novelist.poet-
My Likes poetry- dancing- thinking- hacking-gaming- TROLLING- reading- eating- working- hustling- making $-My supporters- My Haters_-
My Dislikes Haters- Negativity- SNAKES- being trolled- closed minded people-poor mentality- being poor in knowledge, poor in health.
Favorite Author EH.
Favorite Book/Poem the giver. i can't tell you. kill a mockingbird. gathering blues
My Motto is Fear None, Trust little, Befriend few, learn from many -Quote By
My Favorite Quote I am entitled to my opinion, So i will abuse it at best.- Quote By Sai
Above all else, I love Poetry. Art. Life. Writing. Friends- Family-
 I have been writing for 10 years & have read 4853 poems here
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 I currently have 453 entries in my Writing Portfolio
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a lot of faces are missing that belong in that collage. the friends I took for granted, others lost in between the secret lives I lingered into. wishing time was kind enough to bring them back my way. a never.one can hope but no know that will never come simply because it is not possible. I feel cursed. torturous my past haunts me, writing everyday to relive this feeling, yet it remains.

Love Life In A Nutshell

bonds never truly break. friendships never really end. love is truly eternal. past memories are fuel to my pen. Sai the cursed Poet, lost many but one stands out, Neko  oken. the most horrific  numbing lost so far,if i could reverse,rewind time i would fix all, try to fix my mistakes. but than i ask myself, would i have learned so...i do not think i would rewind, though i am losing my head over my past mistakes, my book is my redemption...the escape i need and the peace i seek.


ⓈⒶⒾ☚ⒾⓈ↪ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

I am trying to finish my life goals, writing my first book. it is called "Legacy Untitled". when I am done I have five more already waiting to be written. in between that I have a few businesses I am working on, most of my secret lives are gone. most. so my mindset is all about family, friends, financial stability right now, doing things legit. unless you are speaking in $, or are one of my supporters, talk remain cheap. I love my readers, I love my supporters, and specially mentors. people who are already living the rich lifestyle and are willing to teach.

I have changed a lot in the past 3yrs, I barely recognize my inner self anymore. that's a good thing, mostly. I have lost a lot people who I wish were here for these moments, due to my selfishness, my ignorance, and my way of thinking. to those who read this, and are, were, has been, was close to me. understand you are the reason I am the man that stands, become, and is today. for that I say thank you.
with that thank you comes an apology, my motto is "I do not believe in public apologies, but to the people I have hurt in my past, I apologize. moving forward, I lived, and I learned. my curse lies in living with the mistakes I have made, purposely setting myself up for failure. so words are just that, talk Is again cheap. if you knew me, know me, you will always be apart of my Untitled Legacy. questions, comments, concerns? want to read my book? review it, be an analysis?

cursed is the man wishing he could, money equaling happiness is far from the truth. with money comes even more loneliness because the ones you use to know before the success are no longer apart of what one have built. lost love, friendship and hobbies become a tedious task. one can dream as I do daily, missing my home, my past, but one positive is the immature boy that was Simon, has grown into this mature poet, Sai. 

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