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Author MySongStar
Member Since May 3, 2014 (last seen 10 months ago)
Hometown United Kingdom
Born on January 1, 2014
Age 4 years
Gender Male
Relationship Status In Love
Career/Occupation Student of Life, Art and Music. Budding Actor.
My Likes I am a Musician and Artist. And now Creative Writer!
Favorite Author I have several favourites :)
My Motto is Life is What You Make It.
My Favorite Quote Ditto.
Above all else, I love Music, Cycling, now Creative Writing!
 I have been writing for 0 years & have read 2223 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 353 points
 I currently have 60 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am an Onyx Reviewer with 277 Comments
  My Review Quality is 97.14 % (based on 175 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 3176 times and I have 13 Fans

Hi. My friends call me Matt Black (not my full name, btw) Below are a list of my writes. They are in some Boxes (sorry Folders)

> My Life

* Meet Matt Black (my W/N Intro).
* A Family Feud.
* Why I left Home.
* My Dear Gran.
* A Life In Pieces Comes Together.

> Matt's Blackout

* Cosmic Pinball (a dangerous game).
* The Last Knight ?
* The Empty House.
* One Helluva Party!
* The Uncivil War.
* The Phantom Prince.
* Spooked in the Cemetery.
* Day of the Comet.
* Astrojunk - A Martian's Rant.
* Rising To The Stars.
* A Crime of Passion.
* Living in a Parallel Universe.
* The Death  of Humanity?

> Inside/Out

* The Yellow Butterfly (a rare joy). (OK, so this one is blue: )
* Thinking Inside The Box.
* Mother Nature: The Artist.
* Finding Your Own Song (Dawn Chorus).
* Bolt From The Blue {The Swallow}.
* The Night Huntress.
* Head in the Clouds.
* Upon a Darkling Field
* Love of Winter.
* A Guiding Light.
* A Star of Hope.
* The Joy of Spring.
* An Astronomer Answers ''An Absent-Minded God"!

> Getting Arty

* My Life In Music (Or Music Is My Life )
* Our Colourful Lives (Music, Art, Science, & Language).
* Pixallated By Pixels.
* Upon A Starry Night (To Van Gogh).
* Violet Irises in Her Eyes (Love From Van Gogh).
* The Art of Creation.
* The Lost Soul Singer. 
* Sundown In an Artist's Eye.
* Spending Time In Red Square.

>Musings on Love

* Speak To Me of Love (Please).
* Wings of The Dove.
* She's Playing My Heart.
* What's In A Name? (Alas Poor Juliet ).
* I Must Be In Love (For Real ).
* Love's Arrows (Cupid's Darts)
* Unlucky In Love - Again!
* Her Midnight Eyes.
* Is She The One?
* Swept Away on Dark Waves.
* My Love Is All At Sea.
* Love's Broken Compass.
* Queen of the Night (A Modern Cleopatra).
* Burning With Ice.

 Yet to be Boxed :-

* When Love Is Blind. 

With my best wishes, M-B.


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