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Author MaryHazelUpton
Member Since March 11, 2012 (last seen 1 day ago)
Hometown Clarksville, Indiana, United States
Born Mary Hazel Upton on August 6, 1946
Age 71 years
Gender Female
Relationship Status Widowed
Career/Occupation Writer
My Likes Writing, Books, Computers, Gardening, Cooking, Dolls
Favorite Author Stephen King, J.G. Ballard, & Shirley Jackson
Favorite Book/Poem The Haunting Of Hill House
My Motto is The Glass Is Half Full.
Above all else, I love Jesus
 I have been writing for 63 years & have read 1004 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 12 points
 I currently have 45 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am an Onyx Reviewer with 115 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 16 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 2489 times and I have 2 Fans
I hope you find something here that you might enjoy reading. I will be adding more writing soon. Right now I am in process of getting my manuscripts typed up and ready to publish. Please check back soon. My favorite writing genres are old-fashioned Gothic romances, horror, and science fiction. That is mostly what I write, and what will mostly be on this page. However, I write everything so there will also be nonfiction and even some of my favorite recipes published on my page. Eventually I plan to serialize my novels on Writers-Network too. I am also in process of typing up for publication my Mama's and Grandma's very old diaries, and Mama's poems, as well as letters sent to me many years ago by Mama and Daddy. and letters I sent to them. plus my own many years of diaries and poems. So if you don't see anything on this website you like this time, please check back later. In the meantime, there are a few entries already posted on my site, so you can get an idea if you would like to read more. I am temporarily stopping posting any new material, though, until I get my page organized and more manuscripts ready to publish. Good luck to all of you other writers! I will also eventually be sharing information on writing and publishing that I am now researching, in hopes that it may help someone else as well as myself. I am constantly on the look out for writing and publishing tips and will share what I find with everybody on Writers-Network, possibly in a regular column.
Beginning this year, 2016, I am starting to post my writing to Writers-Network again at last! I will try to continue to do this, so if you like what you read here, please check back for new material each month. Each month, as well as one piece of my own writing, I am also posting some of Mama's writing. Each writing entry I post will usually be something suitable for that month or season, if I have something suitable.
I was finally also able to upload a profile picture for my Writers-Network page, as well as an avatar picture. I had tried several times before, and they kept saying the file was too large, or the file name was too long. So I had a little time at last this afternoon, and was able to add a photo. The old black and white photo I selected was taken October 1982 by Claude B. Henson, my Daddy. He and Mama were visiting  my husband, Gain, and me for a few days. I am sitting in my office at Wheeling, Indiana where Gain and I lived at that time. The original photo shows more of my office, but I had to crop the copy when I scanned it so that it would upload. My original "office" in the mobile home we lived in there was actually the washer and dryer space. After Gain bought a washer and dryer for me I moved my "office" to the large closet in the spare bedroom, and set up my typewriter and desk there.


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