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Author JaneBell15
Member Since March 22, 2011 (last seen 3 years ago)
Hometown Peterborough, United Kingdom
Born on October 21, 1993
Age 24 years
Gender Female
Relationship Status In Love
Career/Occupation Coffee Girl
My Likes Reading, Writing, Gaming
My Dislikes Idiots, Bad grammar, Bad spelling
Favorite Author Malorie Blackman; J.K. Rowling; David Eddings;
Favorite Book/Poem Harry Potter Series; Noughts And Crosses; David Eddings Books;
My Motto is If You Never Try Then You Never Know
 I have been writing for 10 years & have read 176 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 2 points
 I currently have 9 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Rock Reviewer with 11 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 6 votes)
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I love music, and books. A perfect day for me would be sitting with my boyfriend, reading a book while listening to some good music.

I read far too much. I am currently reading more books than I can actually keep track of, though books that I am actively reading are Checkmate by Malorie Blackman, and Storm Glass by Maria V Stryder.

I hate it when people fail at spelling, or use horrendous grammar. Especially in things that really should be proofread, such as books or formal letters. Look in any of my books, and you will see plenty of times where I have underlined or highlighted spelling and grammar errors.

I love to write.
Mostly short stories, and some poetry.
My work isn't amazing, most of it consists of various fantasy situations revolving around myself and various boyfriends I've had. I'm not going to bore my readers with too much of that though, so I've decided that I'm only putting my best work on here, and my favorites.

I hope you enjoy reading my work, and I hope you give me feedback so I can improve

If you read this whole bio, Thank You

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