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Author Christy
Member Since March 13, 2011 (last seen 2 months ago)
Hometown Mesquite, United States
Born a boi's grrl on November 13
Gender Female
Relationship Status Complicated
Career/Occupation Marketing
My Likes making comfort food, used book stores, spoken word
My Dislikes animal abusers, anchovies and people who do not laugh at my jokes
Favorite Author seriously??
Favorite Book/Poem Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Schoolbus
My Motto is the universe unfolds as it should
My Favorite Quote the best way to get over a to get under another one
Above all else, I love language
 I have been writing for 0 years & have read 3437 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 24 points
 I currently have 137 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am an Onyx Reviewer with 120 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 55 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 9543 times and I have 21 Fans
I am a grrl who writes words as they sing to me...sometimes making sense to the masses...sometimes only to me...and on rare occassions..not even me

My worst habit is falling in love with my characters and then forcing to live in suspended animation while I go on with my busy pick them back up without even an apology..and take up where we left off...sometime last year.

I love the flow of honest writing..and hate that things like punctuation and grammar get in the way of that in the end.

Nothing makes me happier than to have an intent in a sentence...only to have someone else apply the same sentence to themselves and find an entirely different truth.

I am open to criticism...opinion and input.


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