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Never went to college
Friends turned to enemies


Alright remember i told you all that i was going to college. well, it never happened because i was $10,000 short. it was really ridiculous. so i was out of school and just got into multiple trouble and stuff. Finally in December of 07 i went to job core, im still in it so thats freaking awsome. anyhow this is an update for right now.


Okay so i used to have this friend, she and i went to school together, and we were best of friends. as soon as she started to hang out with the wrong crowd, she was being really mean and rude to me. now she an i are no longer friends. its messed up, i dnt think she an i are ever gonna talk.

Okay theres more violence in job core than outside of job croe. its freaking messed, anyhow whatever.


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