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                                                           NEWS FROM MARY HAZEL

     I have been working on my Writers-Network page this afternoon, and am finally getting time to post a couple of pieces of writing each month, and also to read some of the other excellent writing while I am on the Writers-Network site. I will try to also post the latest news of what I am writing here--this is the first time I've had time to fill out any information on this page. I will try to continue to do that each month when I post more for everybody to read.
     I will call this blog, column, letter, or whatever it might be NEWS FROM MARY HAZEL. I also write a Christmas newsletter that I send out to my relatives and friends each year that I call NEWS FROM MIDWAY because the old name for the neighborhood where I live here in Clarksville, Indiana, before Clarksville annexed it, was called Midway. Only the people who have lived in Clarksville for a long time know about that. I posted one of the Christmas letters to Writers-Network for my friends here to read, and will eventually try to get them all posted.
     NEWS FROM MARY HAZEL will only be about writing stuff, though. The main news I want to share with everybody is that I am making a website now, one that will be all mine, and that I can use to post whatever I want to. It won't be ready to publish until May or June 2016, though. I still have more work to do on it, and haven't decided for sure where to publish it, although I am checking on one company that looks good. I have to wait to hear from them, though, as to what is, and what isn't. allowed before I decide to go with them, or check further. So I am not including the address of the website just yet. As soon as it is published the information will be here.
     I am very excited about the website, though. I will be keeping my Writers-Network page too, of course, but I will be able to post photos as well as writing to the new one if everything works out. I will be able to post all of my Mama's and Daddy's very old photos, including Mama's beautiful flower photos to that website, as well as her diaries, and my stories, and anything else I want to.
     The other news is that I am planning on publishing my first book in June 2016. I have to get it proofed before I publish it, but otherwise it is finished. The book is a paranormal romance for teen girls called THE SLEEPWALKER. I won't include the name of the publisher yet, because it isn't published and, although if everything works out, I will be doing business with them, I am not completely sure yet. This looks good too, though, and if I do decide to publish with them, anybody who wants a hard copy can buy one from them, but the book will also be free to read the entire book online at their website. So nobody has to buy a copy unless they want to. Books should be free for everybody to read whether they can pay for them or not, I think.
    I don't know yet how much I can put on Writers-Network on this section, maybe more posts, and maybe not, but when I get the website I will also have my very own blog to post whatever I want to, so if I can't post more here you can read the blog if you want to, where I will be posting as much as I want to!
     I will post more news of this stuff next month when I post more stories, and when everything is actually published post the links here.
    Good-by for now, and I'll write more later.
    Mary Hazel
    P.S. I guess I can only have this one page on Writers-Network. When I started editing this because I made a few mistakes in typing, it came back to this same page. So I guess that's the extent of the NEWS FROM MARY HAZEL column here! I will continue writing it on my website later, though, and post it on the blog there. I will have a complete blog on the website. I will post the address and the book publishing material here where I have it, but will not be able to write any actual new columns here, but will have to wait until the website is published. So will write more then for everybody.

                                                              June 27, 2016 Monday
My first book, THE SLEEPWALKER is now published. I also now have my very own web page. For more information about the book, and to read more of my stories now posted on my website, please go to:


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