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Well, I've come a bit out of writers block these days. It's not really a block because I'm CONSTANTLY writing,but the question remains if it's good enough to share with all of my friends here. I just posted a short story/article that's titled 'Every Situation'. You should really check it out. Others seem to really enjoy it very, very much, and I enjoyed writing it. It's from my heart to the world and every person in it. Let's just say that it's better than the story on homelessness and much shorter....

writers block ahhhhhhh

Hello Fellow writers

To all of those who have read and critiqued my work, thank you so much. i'd also like to ad that no matter what you may think about a piece, even if it's "poor", i'd really like to know and have that shared with me as well with others who can see the stars. it means a lot to me to have that feed-back in order to hone my craft. or at least get to know which sorts of poems and stories people like to read and what people feel is a waste of their time so much so that they can't critique just because they don't like it, but remember that constructive criticism is the key to good sportsmanship and i'll try to do the same.
yours, ivie

Thank you to all who have seen fit to come by with kind words and helpful advice. I really can't express what it means to me to make new friends thru something that I love to do so much and so do you too!!!!
oh yeah, remember that i am not necessarily all of my poems, i mean of course there are different parts of me, but i like to try out new genres and things. So some things are very spiritual and then i'll hit ya with something pretty racey, that's just me being all of me i guess.anyhow thank you again for stopping by and hopefully critiquing.
yours, ivie


I hope this new year is treating all my poetry friends with care and health...

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